Why a Cruise Franchise?

By: Mary Antoine, Franchise Development Specialist

Having a cruise franchise allows you to combine your passion for travel with a home-based business. We feel having a cruise (travel) franchise is a better choice than building a travel agency from the ground up. The benefits of having a cruise franchise outweigh starting your own business providing you chose the right franchise company.

With an established company like CruiseOne, which is 21 years old, you will get proven systems that have evolved over time.

You will save money because when opening a cruise franchise you know exactly how much you will need for your start-up. Most new businesses end up having many unforeseen expenses.

With a cruise franchise, such as CruiseOne, you can be open within weeks or months rather than months to years that many start-ups take. A good franchise will do everything to facilitate getting you up and running quickly.

Having a cruise (travel) franchise allows you to go into business for yourself, but you are not by yourself. The advantages of having access to preferred cruise line and tour operators and having major purchasing power with them, could take you years to develop.

Statics show 80% of franchises owners succeed in their business. Any good franchisor will do everything they can to help nurture your success. You want the benefit of that.

As part of an existing cruise franchise you will not have to establish the brand name for your business.  The franchise provides you with brand recognition and built-in customer awareness.  This gives you an established market presence, bringing your business up more quickly.

When you start in business on your own you won’t receive the training, marketing and technology support that you need.  This will leave you vulnerable to mistakes and possibly higher expenses.  A good comprehensive training program like the one provided by CruiseOne, can help you not make mistakes and save you money.

Last, consider what the demand is for cruising, which has a 98% customer satisfaction rating.  Only 24% of the U.S. population has cruised. Based on the across-the-board demographics that cruising caters to, the market for new and repeat customers is almost limitless!

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