What to Look for When Selecting a Cruise Cabin

You’ve narrowed down your vacation search and settled on your favorite cruise franchise. Now comes the fun part – picking what cabin you’ll be spending your times on the open seas in! Not all cabins are created equal, so there are some very important things to consider when making your selection. Here are some tips for selecting your dream cruise cabin.

Location on the Ship
The location of your cabin on the ship sailing with your cruise franchise is key. Do you tend to get seasick? Pick a location that’s lower in the ship. Lower locations tend to sway less and you’ll feel less movement. This also comes into play when choosing the location either to the front or rear of the ship. Those located in the middle and lowest are the most stable. Are you a light sleeper who’s not a night owl? Be sure to select a cabin that’s away from the action. Many cruise franchises situate their most elite cabins directly under the pool deck – mostly likely for the balcony views. Additionally, if you’re a sensitive sleeper, make sure your cabin isn’t located near a passenger or service elevator which may get a bit noisy at times and disturb your beauty rest.

Cabin Size and Amenities
Are you going big on this trip with your cruise franchise? Or, would a smaller cabin suit your needs? Evaluating what size cabin you need for your trip might not only save you money, but disappointment, too. On many ships, standard cabins are the same size – the only difference is whether you have a porthole or full window. Even cabins with outdoor space are usually the same size inside, but feature the added veranda or balcony. Can you sacrifice the outdoor space for a lower price? Or would you prefer to be able to sun yourself anywhere in private? Another thing to consider is if you’re traveling with a larger group or family. There are cabins offered by lines – possibly your cruise franchise – that will accommodate a large family and feature multiple levels.
All cabins will come with the typical amenities you’d expect of a modern hotel – cleaning service, complimentary toiletries, and room service – but what else is available? Depending on how much you have to spend, you could select a cabin from your cruise franchise with additional upgrades like a personal butler or access to exclusive spaces onboard. There are even a few cabins that our cruise franchise can offer you that come with “spa cabins” outfitted with Zen décor and stocked with fluffy robes and luxury bath products.

The View
Though it might sound silly when you think about it, selecting a cabin with a view can be ultimately rewarding. Be honest with yourself – will you be spending enough time in the room to enjoy it? Or, are you perfectly comfortable staying in public spaces to appreciate the views? Forward- and aft-facing cabins with balconies are among some of the most requested. These rooms have views that make you feel like it’s just you out on the open sea. However, there are other cheaper and less requested options like obstructed-view cabins and interior-facing cabins. You’ll save some coin on these options but sacrifice the allure of the open sea. Ask your cruise franchise to send examples of the views for each of their cabins – that way you can truly look before you book!

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