Top Five Reasons Military Veterans and their Spouses Should Own a Home-Based Travel Franchise

In celebration of May being Military Appreciation Month and Military Spouse Day on May 9, CruiseOne lists the top five reasons military veterans and active-duty spouses should invest in a home-based travel franchise.

  1.    Track Record

Military veterans are proven to be among the most successful business owners in the franchising industry and according to VetFran, a strategic initiative with the International Franchise Association, there are more than 70,000 veteran-owned franchises in the U.S.  

2.    Franchises Run on Systems

Running a franchise is very similar to being in the military. Both have a set of protocol to follow and guidelines in place, as well as training programs that are designed to produce immediate results.  

3.    Spousal Benefits

Being married to a member of the U.S. military may require frequent moves around the country, making it difficult to find a permanent job. Owning a CruiseOne travel franchise enables military spouses to keep their businesses open as they move across state lines. What’s more, being a virtual travel franchise makes it possible to keep existing customers despite frequent moves.

4.    Flexible Schedule

Working from home enables veterans to set their own hours and maximize family time to make up for those instances while away on deployment, while military spouses can juggle the daily needs of single parenthood and earn a living from the comfort of home while their spouse is away serving our country.

5.    Travel Perks and Experience

Serving in the military, veterans have the opportunity to travel and live in many foreign countries. This experience enables veterans to be able to use their personal experiences to provide advice to customers. What’s more, working as a travel franchise owner you are encouraged to travel the world and can take advantage of special industry travel perks and discounts.

Recognized as a military-friendly franchise, CruiseOne aims to have 25 percent of its network consist of U.S. veterans or military spouses by the end of 2014. To encourage U.S. veterans to open a CruiseOne travel franchise, CruiseOne has several incentive programs in place. Those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces receive a 20 percent discount off their initial travel franchise fee, and CruiseOne will waive the additional fee for owners who hire U.S. veterans or active-duty military spouses as associates and offer a discount for additional associates who are veterans or military spouses.

Starting May 19, CruiseOne will be hosting its annual Operation Vetrepreneur contest where five U.S. veterans can win a free travel franchise. For more information, please visit

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