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Five Military Veterans Win Home-Based Travel Franchises

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (October 5, 2015) – Five military veterans with a passion for travel were recently recognized as the 2015 winners of the fourth annual “Operation Vetrepreneur: Become Your Own General” contest. Hosted by nationally recognized military-friendly cruise franchise CruiseOne®, which is part of World Travel Holdings, the world’s largest cruise agency and award-winning leisure travel company, Operation Vetrepreneur awards free travel franchises each valued at $12,700 to five deserving U.S. military veterans, for a total value of $63,500. “Every year I am impressed by the

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Mark Grishman

Cruise One ‘zee operates from home, with twins

Working from home is the highest career goal for some—freedom from rigid schedules, a more lenient dress code, no commute. Others fear the loss of social contact or the omnipresent temptation of the fridge. Mark Grishman knows both sides of the coin. During a long career as a CPA in Dallas, he was a master of long commutes and frequent, extended work travel. As his 40th birthday approached with kids on the way, he and his wife, Ellen, a pediatric endocrinologist, wanted a drastic life change that

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Best for Vets: Franchises 2016; 42 brands with benefits

Are you compatible? Do you share similar values? Can you depend on them for support? How have their other relationships gone? Are they in it for the long haul? Are you? Important questions when you’re trying to find a spouse, for sure. But you should also have these things in mind if you’re considering a franchise. You can always transfer out of a bad college or put in your two weeks’ notice at a bad job. But pick the wrong franchise and you could be stuck for

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Juggling It All, Life as an Online Travel Agent

By Janet Harris, CFE –  Senior Franchise Development Specialist, CruiseOne Managing your work-life balance can be difficult with just one job, but for those with multiple jobs, it can be even more formidable. If you have launched a part-time business, such as an online travel agent, here are some tips for handling common challenges as you grow your online travel agent business while juggling a day-job, family and/or the business of modern life. • Utilize travel agency technology to access your booking system and clients when you

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Bryan Villella, Franchise Owner since 2010, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I was working the tough streets of Orlando as a Deputy Sheriff. I worked 12-13 hour shifts, eight days a week. I became interested in cruising and after taking my first cruise I was hooked. I began to organize group cruises for friends and family through a travel agent. One day I said I am doing all the work – Why don’t I start my own travel company? I started part time while still working as a Law Enforcement Officer and eventually realized the commitment was too

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Diane Bean, Franchise Owner since 2005, Clayton, NC

I never thought I would be a Vacation Specialist helping people achieve their personal travel bucket list. I only remember two vacations from my childhood. Probably because I was raised by a single parent and became one myself in my mid-20s. Vacations were not an option then. It seems I have been fortunate to make up miles lost some 40 years later with now over 40 countries visited. I have always had a passion for geography, cultures, far way places, and of course serving people. I was

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Why a Travel Franchise?

By Lynda Webster, CruiseOne Franchise Development Specialist This is a great question that seems to get a lot of attention, especially in the Summer months when people are going on so many vacations with friends and family. Many of the prospects that I speak with tell me that the reason they are interested in learning more about travel franchise ownership is because they are the “go-to” person anyway when friends and family start their travel plans…and they want to get paid for doing it! I agree! If

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Tips on Reading a Franchise Disclosure Document: Item 1

As you embark on your journey to franchise ownership, reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Documents (the “FDD”) is one of the most important steps. The FDD summarizes specific sections of the Franchise Agreement and other relevant information in plain English to make it easier to read; nevertheless, it still can be difficult to understand. An FDD is the window into a franchise organization. Every franchise system is required to have this document and all are identical in how the information is presented to a prospective buyer. Whether you

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So Why a Cruise Franchise?

Written by Milton B. Dunlop, Jr., Franchise Development Specialist Why should I buy a cruise or travel franchise instead of just starting my own business? This is a great question! Are all cruise franchises created equal? The obvious answer is no as there can be many differences when comparing cruise franchises side-by-side. The concepts may look similar however there can be many distinct differences when comparing a cruise franchise opportunity. So I ask you again, is owning a cruise or travel franchise a better alternative than starting

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Mubeen Walimomin, Franchise Owner since 2014, Sugar Land, TX

Owning a CruiseOne travel franchise affords me the flexibility to set my own hours to revolve around my class schedule, and will give me real-world experience when I start pursuing my business degree next year at the University of Houston. I think being a younger owner will offer my clients a fresh perspective on vacations for a younger crowd and multi-generational groups. My parents are entrepreneurs and along with my business teacher, they encouraged me to pursue my dreams.  I didn’t think I was going to get

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