How to Plan a Group Cruise

Going on a trip in a group with your favorite cruise franchise can create lifelong memories. But planning that trip, coordinating everyone’s schedules, travel details, and the like can be overwhelming. With groups, everyone will have different interests, some members of the group might be working on different budgets and timelines, too. Here are the best tips for planning a group cruise.

Designate a Leader. As the saying goes, too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth. The same goes for planning a group trip with your favorite cruise franchise. A cruise franchise can help you by being your group’s leader and they will be the responsible planning party of the group. Your cruise franchise will be responsible for planning, organizing, meeting payment deadlines, and reminding everyone of their travel details.

Get Input. Everyone in your group loves the idea of sailing on the open sea with a cruise franchise, but not everyone has the same desires for what the actual trip will entail. Be sure to seek the advise of a travel professional to help you select the type of cruise for your group adventure. Get input from everyone in the group on their desired activity level, their must-haves on board, and take into consideration all the overall personalities invovled. Are you going with a wide age range? Will there be activities – or none – for people from 8 to 80? Everyone is spending the money to have a great time, so make sure the cruise selected will fulfill everyone’s expectations.

Book Early. This might seem impossible with a large group, but it can be done. Book your trip with your cruise franchise as early as possible – especially if you’re looking to travel during peak times. Trying to squeeze in a cruise when the kids are off from school – so is everyone else. Want the newest ships with the best cabins? Make sure to book before the rush when traveling with a large group. If you want everyone near each other, you’ll need to book when the trip is new.

Itineraries are Important. Before you embark on your group vacation with your selected cruise franchise, go over the itinerary with your crew. Talk about each port of call and if you anticipate participating in excursions as a group at each one or if people are free to do their own things. Maybe you want to plan a few group excursions and then let everyone roam about at other ports. Make a rough plan before you set sail. This goes for onboard time as well. Everyone should make time for themselves – or their partners – but also set aside group time. Have the best of both worlds aboard the ship of your favorite cruise franchise. And make sure everyone knows the plan!

Whether it’s a family reunion, or getting the old crew back together, taking a group trip with your favorite cruise franchise will be a memory you’ll never forget. And with a some planning help from your travel agent, it’ll be smooth sailing!

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