Cruise Food: Don’t Blow Your Diet

Everyone knows that vacation can be disastrous to those New Year’s resolutions. But before you swear off booking a trip with your favorite cruise franchise, take a minute to think through how you can keep yourself accountable, and your calories down, on your next vacation. Cruises are filled to the brim with all-you-can-eat delicacies nearly whenever and wherever you want them, but they also offer healthier options that won’t totally blow your diet. Here are some things to keep in mind when cruising the open sea and the buffet.

Water First

This might sound like a no-brainer, but make sure you stay hydrated! Your body’s response to dehydration can sometimes trick you into thinking that you’re hungry – but really you’re thirsty. Especially when spending lots of time out in the sun or participating in various activities, you want to drink lots of H20. In addition, if you’re indulging in any alcoholic beverages, you should be drinking twice as much water to keep up hydration levels.

Better Booze

Speaking of alcohol, those beautiful, fruity cocktails can add up to monstrous caloric intake. Cruise franchises love coming up with signature drinks or mixing up whatever guests ask for, but while you can enjoy one or two, you shouldn’t settle into these sugary drinks for a night “out.” Opt for lighter options like wine or light beer. If you just have to have one of the fancy cocktails, have it for dessert instead of it being your go-to drink for the evening.

Buffet Bets

Buffets just beg people to overeat. When the options and quantities are limitless, it’s hard to control yourself. If you go all out during one visit at the buffet on your cruise, don’t beat yourself up, but doing that every time is going to catch up with you. Your cruise franchise wants you to be full and happy, so they’re going to provide endless options. The options you should look for are those that are high in protein and lower in calories and carbs. The fluffy pancakes and pastries are incredibly tempting, but select things like simple eggs and fruit to keep your calorie levels on point.

Deck Snacks

Sitting by the pool can really take it out of you. Thankfully, your cruise franchise has provided snacks poolside for your dining convenience. Unfortunately, many of these deck snacks are high in fat and calories. What’s better than a burger and fries in the sunshine? Well, if you’re trying to keep your diet on track, lots of things! If you must have a burger, don’t add a ton of condiments and cheese to it. Even consider having a burger with no bun. That way you’ll get the protein without the unnecessary carbs – you’ll want to use those on a frosty beer anyway. If you want to keep the fat down as well, see if your snack hut has a grilled chicken or veggie burger option.

There’s no doubt that deliciously tempting food will abound on your next trip. But keep these few key tips in mind, and you won’t have to blame your cruise franchise for the few extra pounds you’re brining back to shore.

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