Dream Vacations Franchise Reviews

Dream Vacations Franchise has been recognized by the International Franchise Association, Franchise Education and Research Foundation’s VetFran Program with a 5-Star designation. In addition to these recognitions and honors, our franchise owners have shared their own experiences and reviewed our opportunity themselves. Read on to see the many positive reviews we have received from current Dream Vacations Franchise owners along with the many CruiseOne Franchise reviews we receive on a daily basis.

Carie Skerritt, Franchise Owner since 2014, Hightstown, NJ

My partner and I were looking to get out of our current franchise business and were looking for a new opportunity.  There were other travel franchises represented at the International Franchise Expo, however the representatives at CruiseOne stood apart from the others.  Their demeanor, their professionalism, and their ability to answer my questions had an impact on my decision process.  My feeling was that they were there to sell more than just a franchise ownership.  They were showing me a partnership with a parent company.  They did

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Mike Brodlieb, Franchise Owner since 2008, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“CruiseOne – Why do I love you? Let me count the reasons: When I first called CruiseOne and spoke with the head of franchising, he said, “I hear you want to join our family”. You notice that the word family and not the company is a very important distinction. The company flew me to their headquarters for 6 days of intensive training. This was training all the way, and not brainwashing to the CruiseOne way of operating. The training course is the most comprehensive in the industry.

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Peg Andrules, Franchise Owner since 2004, Gurnee, IL

“I was very fortunate to have met my husband on a cruise back in 2002! Many changes were happening in my life at the time, including a career change. I had worked in the travel industry many years ago so I was somewhat familiar with the industry. I have always wanted to return to travel but the right opportunity and perfect company just never fell upon me until I came across a wonderful travel agent at CruiseOne; she was the one who recommended the cruise I met

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Neil Lazinsky, Franchise Owner since 2007, Wheatley Heights, NY

“Although we have extensive business backgrounds, my wife I bought our CruiseOne franchise with no travel business experience in 2008. The decision to buy a CruiseOne franchise came after careful consideration of other franchise opportunities both in and out of the travel industry. We read every bit of material sent to us from CruiseOne. We contacted about a dozen current franchisees and even called people who were no longer franchisees. We were very encouraged by the fact that everyone told the same story, “It’s a great organization

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Jo Fresse, Franchise Owner since 1996, Eden Prairie, MN

“I enjoy being a CruiseOne Franchisee because it has allowed me to be able to turn my adoration for travel and cruising into a profession. Plus, I was able to exit the hustle and bustle of the 8-to-5 corporate financial services world. In addition, I have introduced my extended family, friends and acquaintances to the hassle-free experience of cruising. And, through my contacts, I have been able to provide a less-dangerous option for high school & college spring break vacations. I love what I do, and can’t

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Carol Le-Bert, Franchise Owner since 2003, Jupiter, FL

“I’ve owned a CruiseOne franchise since January 2003 and it was the best decision I made in my life! After my extensive experience in the airline business, I embarked on an exciting and fulfilling career with various cruise lines. Again, this career gave me the opportunity to see even more of the world. I was hooked on cruising! I, then, heard about CruiseOne and thought what a perfect fit for me to take all my experience in the travel industry and open my own business. Owning my

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Marsha George, Franchise Owner since 2010, Williamsburg, OH

“I’ve been in the travel business for 34 plus years. I’ve had 10 years’ experience in sales with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises. In 2010, I went back into the agency side of the business and the only choice for me was CruiseOne. As a sales representative, I dealt with many CruiseOne agents. Everything about the CruiseOne agents and organization impressed me from their knowledge to their professionalism. On top of that, with a wonderful support program, I am now a successful CruiseOne Franchise Owner and loving

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Fred McBride, Franchise Owner since 2008, Huntsville, AL

“The staff at CruiseOne headquarters knows the meaning of ‘service.’ Whenever I have called to seek assistance with my business, they have been professional and gone the extra mile to help me find a solution. As a franchisee in a middle-sized southern city, I appreciate the work that goes into establishing and maintaining good working relationships with our cruise-line partners. These relationships would be impossible for me to work out on my own; so I owe CruiseOne a big ‘Thank You’ for all you have done!”

Ralph Barker, Franchise Owner since 1994, Ellijay, GA

“I started with CruiseOne in 1994 when there were only about four employees. I am totally dedicated to my business and would not have survived had it not been for the tremendous, consistent support of the CruiseOne corporate staff. They have never failed to get me the answers I need at any given time or to navigate me through some technical issues that may be a little over my head. If I had it to do all over, I would not hesitate to choose CruiseOne again. This

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