Dream Vacations Franchise Reviews

Dream Vacations Franchise has been recognized by the International Franchise Association, Franchise Education and Research Foundation’s VetFran Program with a 5-Star designation. In addition to these recognitions and honors, our franchise owners have shared their own experiences and reviewed our opportunity themselves. Read on to see the many positive reviews we have received from current Dream Vacations Franchise owners along with the many CruiseOne Franchise reviews we receive on a daily basis.

Lucinda Belden, Franchise Owner since 2010, Carrollton, TX

“No matter where you do your research on becoming a franchise owner, several features will rise to the top in making your selection. Those key pieces include: How will the franchise prepare me to succeed? What is the ongoing support? Do they have a marketing program? How much money can I make? And, what are their plans for growth and improvement? I made the right choice selecting CruiseOne as my franchise. I can happily report I have received clear indications CruiseOne is capable of meeting those key

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Dave Betlejewski, Franchise Owner since 2011, Chicago, IL

In the four years I have been a franchise owner, I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with CruiseOne.  From the very beginning, everyone at headquarters was transparent about everything and has been nothing but totally supportive of me as a business owner.  I would like to particularly highlight the Support Services team since they are always very positive and helpful, even when I have had some confusing and difficult situations to work through.  At the same time, the Training Team was also invaluable in

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Becky Piper, Franchise Owner since 1996, Strongsville, OH

“My husband Dale and I joined CruiseOne in 1996 so you may consider us moldy-oldies in the company. I work with the clients and Dale does the bookwork and we both plan marketing efforts. When we were trying to make the big decision whether to buy a franchise, we asked ourselves what is the worst case scenario if this doesn’t succeed? Once we were able to face that possibility, we were comfortable with moving ahead and bought our franchise. We were both blown away when we went

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Daejin Suh, Franchise Owner since 2011, Ramsey, NJ

“I started in the business with another franchise for six years. After three years, I realized that I needed more support with a better booking system and website. I researched and compared many other host agencies and franchises and I finally decided on CruiseOne, because CruiseOne has it all. I also got a recommendation from another CruiseOne franchise owner who made the move to CruiseOne. Once I switched to CruiseOne, I regretted that I had not done it earlier, everything is better. I am really happy with

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Bryan and Tricia Cox, Franchise Owners since 2011, Highlands, NC

“We have so much to be thankful for in our choice to go with CruiseOne and in the support we have received from everyone at headquarters. We were honored to be interviewed by the media and to gain exposure for our franchise and for CruiseOne. Additionally, we are deeply grateful to Vicki Freed of Royal Caribbean, for her ongoing encouragement and support of us. We look forward to growing our business and becoming successful contributors to the CruiseOne family.”

Ralph Santisteban, Franchise Owner since 1998, Miami, FL

After 18 years as a CruiseOne franchise owner I have switched brands to the new Dream Vacations. The corporate support for this changeover has completely exceeded my expectations. This type of customer support reminds me why I have remained a loyal franchisee for almost twenty years. The best business decision of my life was made in 1998 when I joined this organization. Being part of a large, successful and supportive network helps make walking into my office a daily pleasure.

Matt Tadla, Franchise Owner, Plainfield, IL

“I have been part of the CruiseOne family for 16 years now. Being recognized by our vendors as the best of the best is very satisfying to me and my customers. Making people happy and helping them plan amazing vacations has been my job for a long time and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future. Thank you, CruiseOne, for your partnership and support. I really love my job!”

John Tarpy, Franchise Owner since 2010, Sylvania, OH

“I researched the franchise for two or three months as I had a lot of questions about it. I fell in love with the company and I’m having a lot of fun working with them. The support CruiseOne provides is incredible with access to all cruise lines around the world and matching the best prices available. It also connects me with companies for land vacations. They also have a mentor program and I think I would like to become a mentor with them.”

Cheryl & Ron Scavron, Franchise Owners since 1999, Coral Springs, FL

“Cheryl and I started our CruiseOne franchise in 1999. We searched out different opportunities within the cruise and travel industry. We found CruiseOne from a recommendation by a friend. We came to learn that we had booked our own cruises with a sister company of CruiseOne for years. After doing all of our due diligence on the purchasing of a franchise, we selected CruiseOne. Why CruiseOne, because they were honest, friendly and informed us of all we could expect from them. We have been fortunate. After beginning

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Debby Hughes, Franchise Owner since 2007, Big Bear City, CA

I definitely made the right decision when I decided to purchase my CruiseOne Franchise. My sales have increased every year since then and I now have a thriving business with a flexible schedule that I can operate from anywhere. Gaining a deeper education through travel is very important to me and I love sharing the world with my clients, whether they are first-time cruisers or experienced travelers. The travel opportunities that come from owning my franchise help enrich my knowledge of various destinations and suppliers and the

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