Dream Vacations Franchise Reviews

Dream Vacations Franchise has been recognized by the International Franchise Association, Franchise Education and Research Foundation’s VetFran Program with a 5-Star designation. In addition to these recognitions and honors, our franchise owners have shared their own experiences and reviewed our opportunity themselves. Read on to see the many positive reviews we have received from current Dream Vacations Franchise owners along with the many CruiseOne Franchise reviews we receive on a daily basis.

Chris Caulfield picture

From Air Waves to Ocean Waves – A Radio Producer Journey To Owning a Cruise Agency Franchise

Chris Caulfield is a stay-at-home dad to three young children who is able to maximize his time with them while earning an income doing what he loves – talking about and selling cruise vacations.   Name: Chris Caulfield Year Joined Franchise: 2013 Prior Occupation:  Radio Producer How did you transition from your prior occupation to starting a travel business…and what did that transition look like? My transition was a perfect example of one door closing and another opening. I was being downsized from my position and there

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Al Richman

Al Richman: Education is Key to Franchisee Success in Travel Agency Business

Al Richman is a true entrepreneur and believes success is just around the corner for all franchise owners if they put in the time and effort. When Al started his travel agency business, he “hit the books” like he did with his other business ventures and began learning as much as possible. He practiced using the technology, studied the ins and outs of the different suppliers he would be working with and tested marketing ideas to see what would be most successful. Al loves the flexibility in

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Toni & Joseph Verastegui, Franchise Owners since 2012, West Point NY

“Owning a Dream Vacations travel franchise is ideal for military spouses because it is a business that can travel with you. My husband is an Army officer and we have moved nine times in 15 years of marriage. I was even able to keep my business running while stationed overseas. It also is a good opportunity for spouses because military families love to travel during the limited time they have together, and knowing how to get them military rates on their vacations gives you an advantage over

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Mike Hanlon, Franchise Owner since 2015, Wilmington NC

“After retiring from the U.S. Army I was in search of a second career. I am a stay-at-home dad and wanted something that would allow me to maintain my time with my daughters and support their after-school activities. When searching for “veteran-friendly” franchise opportunities I quickly learned that CruiseOne and Dream Vacations is where I needed to be. One of the main reasons I bought my franchise was the amount of support given to those of us that are veterans. CruiseOne and Dream Vacations welcomed me with open

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Chris & Cheryl Schubert

We decided to make the change because over the prior six years as a franchise, our client thought we only sold cruises. the name change will help us propel our business to the next level and we are up for the challenge.

Elizabeth Dominguez, Franchise Owner

Elizabeth Dominguez, Franchise Owner since 2014, Jacksonville, FL

When my husband and I started our search for a travel franchise, our primary goal was to find a highly respected name with which to align our interests and one that provided the back-end support needed to be successful. We found that and more with the World Travel Holdings’ home-based brands of CruiseOne and Dream Vacations. We started as CruiseOne franchisees and after two years in business changed over to Dream Vacations to better represent what we do – we make clients’ dream vacations come true whether

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Larkin Frazier, Franchise Owner since 2015, Nashville, TN

“Being a franchise owner is similar to leading troops in the military by placing the needs of my customers first. This is helps me focus on the people and what their desires are through planning a meaningful vacation. Paying attention to detail, active listening, and follow up are also lessons that I have taken from the military to help me plan and deliver happiness to people who are seeking to travel. In 2015 I was recognized as one of five winners of the CruiseOne/Dream Vacations “Operation Vetrepreneur”

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Monica Calenda, Franchise Owner since 2014, Larkspur, CO

Switching to Dream Vacations was the best business decision I ever made, I have been receiving so many calls since I started posting about our transition. I knew this was going to happen, people needed to know I could help them with more than cruises and now they do. I love the support I received from Headquarters and the seamless transition going live!