Dream Vacations Franchise Reviews

Dream Vacations Franchise has been recognized by the International Franchise Association, Franchise Education and Research Foundation’s VetFran Program with a 5-Star designation. In addition to these recognitions and honors, our franchise owners have shared their own experiences and reviewed our opportunity themselves. Read on to see the many positive reviews we have received from current Dream Vacations Franchise owners along with the many CruiseOne Franchise reviews we receive on a daily basis.

Deb Taylor & Daughter Nicole in Maui

Selling Dream Homes and Creating Dream Vacations, Debbie Taylor Is a “Double-Agent” in Real Estate and Travel

Home is where the heart is, and for Debbie Taylor, it is the center of her world. Since October 2017, Debbie Taylor of Denver, Colo. has been leading a double agent lifestyle – as a real estate agent and travel agent. Not only does she sell dream homes, but she sells dream vacations from the comfort of her own home. Learn about how she has followed her dream and juggles having two careers.   When did you become a Realtor? I became a Realtor in 1997 and

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Kathy Crelot

Dream Vacations Franchisee Reviews: Kathy Crelot

In celebration of the 101st Anniversary of the first woman enlisting in the Navy, we are sharing Cruises Inc. Independent Vacation Specialist Kathy Crelot’s story and her journey to becoming a travel agent. Kathy enlisted in the U.S. Navy after graduating from high school in 1967 with a desire to explore the world. She looked for adventure at a very early age, and as the oldest of six siblings, she exchanged one family for another new “family.” Kathy served in the military for 20 years. She spent

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Marci Dewitt Headshot

Dream Vacations Franchisee Review: Marci DeWitt

In celebration of the 101st Anniversary of the first woman enlisting in the Navy, we are sharing Dream Vacations’ Franchise Owner and Navy Veteran Marci DeWitt’s story and her journey to becoming a travel agent. Naval History Anchors aweigh! Wow! I can’t believe that it’s the 101st Anniversary of the first woman enlisting in the Navy.  The skills and the ability of women have been overlooked for long enough. Being more inclusive has been good for everyone, even though I still think that people picture most veterans

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Sheryl Van Akens

New York Power Broker Trades in Power Suit for Beachwear

Working in a Fortune 500 company, you are often married to your job and may have to make personal sacrifices. As a woman executive, there is an ongoing debate on whether or not it is possible to “have it all.” Read more about Sheryl Van Aken, a Dream Vacations franchise owner in Milton, Ga., who figured out the solution to this dilemma by trading in her power suit for beachwear when she left the boardroom and entered the travel industry as a franchise owner.   Name:  Sheryl

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Carol Nunnery: From Selling Kitchen Appliances to Selling Travel in a Travel Agency Franchise

Multi-level marketing maven Carol Nunnery decided to make her passion her career when she opened her travel agency franchise. Name:  Carol Nunnery Year Joined Franchise: 2015 Prior Occupation:  Direct Sales MLM (Pampered Chef) How did you transition from your prior occupation to starting a travel business and what did that transition look like? Did any of your previous skills carry over?  I purchased my travel agency franchise while I was still running a direct sales organization.  I spent 14 years building relationships. During that time, I earned

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Air Force Veteran Takes “Aim High” Motto To Home-Based Travel Franchise

Air Force Veteran HJ Sauer believes the discipline learned in the military is an important skill to carry over in owning a home-based travel franchise. Name: Herbert (HJ) Sauer Year Joined Franchise: 2012 Years in Military:  6 Branch of Military: USAF Rank:  SSGT What do you like best about owning a Dream Vacations travel agency franchise?  I love being in the travel business.  It’s so exciting and rewarding on a personal level for me.  I can choose my hours (even when they sometimes run into the night)

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Stockbroker Trades Brief Case for Suitcase and Starts a Home-Based Travel Agency

After the birth of her first child, Mara Hargarther decided she wanted to leave her job on Wall Street so she could stay at home and raise her children. Used to the fast-pace of the trading floor as a stockbroker, Mara knew she wanted to get back into the workforce, but on her own terms.  She found it to be an easy transition moving from stockbroker to travel agent because of the flexibility to set her own hours. While Mara owns her franchise with her sister, she

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Jeff Leach: Leadership’s Support in Travel Agency Franchise is Amazing

Being an outgoing people-person is an important trait in owning a home-based travel agency franchise, and customer service is of utmost importance in sales. Just ask Jeff Leach, who used be a Customer Service Manager before joining the travel industry. Name:  Jeff Leach Year Joined Franchise: 2013 Prior Occupation:  Customer service and service manager for a large uniform corporation for 4 years, and owner of a small rent-to-own company prior to that. How did you transition from your prior occupation to starting a travel business…and what did that

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College Professor is at the Top of the Class as an Entrepreneur and Travel Franchise Owner

As a college professor, Gary Smith mentors and educates his students, teaching them the skills they need to run their own business.  As a franchise owner, Gary Smith is much the same. He has owned his franchise since 2004, and quickly rose to be one of the top-producing franchises in the Dream Vacations network. He is generous with his time in educating other owners about the secrets to his success, often leading educational workshops at National Conference, Regional Trainings and other travel industry events. In fact, his

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Rhonda Day

From Selling Ads to Selling Travel

Selling travel and being an entrepreneur as a travel franchise owner is way more fun than selling advertising space, according to Rhonda Day. Name: Rhonda Day Year Joined Franchise: 2013 Prior Occupation:  Advertising Sales Manager How did you transition from your prior occupation to starting a travel business…and what did that transition look like? I purchased my franchise while I was working full time. My goal was to transition to owning a full-time travel business within five years. After one year, I left my full time job.

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