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Marriage License & Wedding Rings

Tips, advice for married couples taking the vow to run a franchise

By Judy Mottl A happy union of marriage is no easy feat as it requires love, passion, dedication, commitment, loyalty and lots of communication, just to name a few top aspects. The same requirements are also key to establishing and running a successful franchise operation. So, in some respects, married franchisees can be a few steps ahead when it comes to running a franchise. But there are some unique challenges as well when you’re married to your business partner. One hurdle is parsing out specific job responsibilities

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Want To Make Six Figures? How Pay And Perks Are Making This Job A Hot Second Career

Source: – Full Article Here. Turn on the news, and the need for quality jobs that pay good wages are at the core of this year’s Presidential campaign. However, one career government data shows as being in decline, is proving pundits and statisticians wrong, say many in the industry. For the first time in at least three years, travel agent didn’t make Kiplinger’s annual list of “Worst Jobs For the Future.” The negative press shouldn’t be surprising. The idea that entire industries were ripe for disintermediation

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America’s Star Franchisees 2016 Source: – There are close to 3,000 franchise companies in the United States collectively contributing more than $1 trillion annually to the economy. That said, it was no easy task to crown 50 franchise business owners — one for each U.S. state — as America’s Star Franchisees. More than 28,500 individual franchisees, representing 364 franchise brands, were vetted by CNBC’s research partner Franchise Business Review to gauge satisfaction with their franchise system and significant financial success, including an income and return on

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American Money Tax Refund

Use a Tax Refund to Invest in a Business Venture

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (April 18, 2016) – There are hundreds of ways to spend a tax refund, and investing it can be the most lucrative. One way to have fun and make a smart investment is to invest in one’s future with a home-based travel franchise such as CruiseOne / Dream Vacations. The average tax refund in 2016 totals nearly $3,000, which is approximately the amount it takes to become a home-based travel business owner. This business opportunity is ideal for those who have a passion for

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Larkin Frazier

Meet One of CruiseOne’s ‘Vetrepreneurs’

Article from TravelPulse: Travel has long been considered a great second-career option but not one that necessarily comes to mind for former military personnel. CruiseOne’s “Operation Vetrepreneur: Become Your Own General” contest is changing that. Created three years ago,  the contest has since awarded $250,000 in free CruiseOne franchises—each valued at $12,500—to 20 military veterans, said Tim Courtney, vice president of network development  and  ambassador of veteran affairs for CruiseOne and Cruises Inc. “With approximately 250,000 service members transitioning out of the military each year, we strive to

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Beach Vacation

Agencies on the cruise-only model: That ship has sailed

  Article from Travel Weekly: Once viewed as a logical and useful niche within the agency landscape, the cruise-only model is increasingly seen as overly narrow and no longer suited to the times. While cruise remains the mainstay of many agencies, few want to be limited to just learning about and selling cruises. With other sources of revenue growing faster than cruise, the cruise-only networks are emphasizing land as never before. The latest sign of this change is CruiseOne’s decision to create a brand, Dream Vacations, and

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Brad Tolkin: Why the Cruise Industry Is Undergoing a ‘Sea Change’

In 2015, the industry has witnessed a “sea change,” according to Brad Tolkin, co-chairman and co-CEO, World Travel Holdings (WTH), who adddressed approximately 800 CruiseOne and Cruises Inc. agents, agency owners and vendors at the the two groups’ annual conference on Norwegian Escape late last week. “Simply put, ‘sea change’ means a profound transformation,” Tolkin explained. Originally referenced in William Shakespeare’s play, “The Tempest,” that “sea change” depicted a form of human migration with people abandoning city living for the perceived easier life in rural coastal communities. A Sea Change

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Industry Outlook and Business Building Skills are Key General Session Messages

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (November 19, 2015) – The 2015 CruiseOne National Conference aboard Norwegian Escape is more than halfway over and it is living up to its theme of CONNECT. From the informative general sessions and intimate workshops to the nightly networking socials, attendees are building professional relationships and gaining a deeper understanding of the industry which will ultimately help them achieve their business goals. The headlining speaker at the morning general session was President and Chief Operating Officer for Norwegian Cruise Line Andy Stuart, who discussed

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Cruise Line Executives and Technology Headline at CruiseOne Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (November 15, 2015) – The first full day of the CruiseOne National Conference aboard Norwegian Escape featured a general session with an interactive cruise line panel discussion, as well as an unveiling of a transformative intranet solution for agents. In her opening remarks, Senior Vice President Debbie Fiorino reflected on the past year highlighting the team’s successes and how they got there. She attributed those successes back to the theme of Connect and noted, “It is impossible to grow without having strong connections. Strong

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CruiseOne 2015 National Conference Commences Aboard Norwegian Escape

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (November 14, 2015) – CruiseOne, one of the nation’s top travel retail networks as part of World Travel Holdings, today celebrated the beginning of its 2015 National Conference aboard Norwegian Escape. Before the ship even set sail, nearly 800 attendees gathered together in the theater for a fun-filled action packed General Session.  Drumming up excitement for the week ahead, attendees heard opening remarks from company leaders Brad Tolkin, Debbie Fiorino and Drew Daly, as well as a speech from Norwegian Cruise Line’s Vice President

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