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Dallas Franchisee Found Niche in Selling Group Senior Cruises

“Work smarter, not harder” is a phrase common in small business ownership. For travel agency businesses, selling group travel is an efficient way for one to boost their sales. Finding a niche or grouping together like-minded people, make it even easier. Vickie and Chris Anthaume have been Dream Vacations franchise owners for 18 years and have made selling senior group travel their niche. They decided to target the senior market after recognizing that many active seniors who are widowed or single may want to travel, but don’t

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James Taylor and NYST Marine Corps

A Vacation for a Veteran

Military veterans are the backbone of our country and we are so appreciative of their service to make the U.S. truly the land of opportunity. As a franchise opportunity for veterans, we are committed to supporting military veterans in their transition to the civilian workforce, but we also demonstrate our appreciation for military veterans in other ways. We believe the holiday season is the perfect time to show our appreciation in another way by rewarding a veteran with a dream vacation. For the second year in a

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Tax Preparation

Home-Based Travel Agent Tax Incentives

Tax Incentives for Work from Home Travel Agents One of the many rewards of operating a home-based travel agency franchise is the tax incentives you may qualify for. You may be able to deduct your mortgage, property taxes, insurance, utilities and household maintenance as well as travel expenses. According to the Internal Revenue Service, “[t]o qualify to deduct expenses for business use of your home, you must use part of your home … exclusively and regularly as your principal place of business.” How Do You Qualify? There

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Tourist at Mountain Lake

How You Can Spend More Time Traveling

Become a Travel Agent and Spend More Time Traveling Love of travel is likely one of the main reasons you became interested in having a career in the industry. As a home-based travel agent, you will have plenty of opportunities to experience the same destinations you are selling to your clients. With a home-based business and flexible hours allow you the time to travel and your knowledge in the industry will help ensure your clients have the best vacations possible when the time comes to book their

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Woman Working on Laptop From Home

Become a Travel Agent with Low Risk and High Rewards

Become a Travel Agent with Low Risk and High Rewards One of the biggest deterrents for budding entrepreneurs is the risk involved with starting a business. From inventory to overhead costs, the price of business ownership is too high and too risky for many people. As a work from home travel agent, however, you can own a business with minimal risk. Here are just some areas where you will see reduced risk as a travel agent: Inventory Management Unlike many business owners with brick-and-mortar locations, travel agents

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Women watching a flight depart the airport

Travel Agency Business is Booking and Keeping Travel Alive

Few industries can claim everyone loves what they sell. Travel is one of them. Through travel a person can meet new people, experience different cultures, taste food they’ve never tried before, and learn or practice a language. Travelers can challenge themselves, expand their horizons, clear the mind and, quite simply, have fun. It’s why the travel industry is booming and there’s a demand for travel agents. The Demand is Huge The proof is in the numbers: the U.S. travel industry generates $2.3 trillion a year and $683.1

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travel agent working on the computer at the beach

Flexible, Work-From-Anywhere Travel Agency Business

There are many different aspects of a traditional office job that can be unappealing – from the commute, to being locked into a 9-to-5 schedule. You don’t have the flexibility to set hours that work best for you, and you’re stuck in an office all day that might be far from home. As a home-based travel agent, you could have the flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time. Work Wherever You Want It’s difficult to achieve a work/life balance at a traditional office job, especially when

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Male Travel Agent Working From Home

How to Build a List of Clients As A Home Based Travel Agent

As a home-based travel business owner, you are responsible for building a reliable and steady network of clients. Because traveling is a pastime for many, it won’t be hard to build a list of clients who fall into your target customer base. Where to Find Your Customer Base Start small and find individuals who have had an influence on your career. It is common to find these contacts by considering past and current co-workers, customers and mentors. These contacts will be important to the growth of your

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