Best Cruise Destinations for Certain Times of Year

Going on a cruise can be the trip of a lifetime. Cruise franchises offer a variety of trips in different destinations. How do you know which destination to pick during the time of year you want to travel? Here are some tips on selecting the best destination for different times of the year.

Winter, for most, is the most popular time of year to go on a cruise. The best destination for winter, especially for those native to colder climates, is somewhere warm. Getting away from blustery weather to sail on the open, warm seas is ultimately rewarding. If you’re looking to book a trip with your favorite cruise franchise in the colder months, aim for destinations like the Caribbean, Mexico, South and Central Americas, or Southeast Asia. So, pack the sunblock and flip flops!

For cruise destinations in the spring, consider going to Europe. Some people might not realize that their cruise franchise of choice offers trips outside the standard tropical destinations. Cruising Europe can not only be a relaxing vacation but an enriching cultural experience. The Netherlands and Belgium are perfect spring cruise destinations. Another excellent option for a springtime cruise is Alaska. During the spring, Alaska is in a state of rebirth. The cold has lifted and the melt has begun. Take advantage of this magical time in the tundra to cruise through the open waters and experience the state’s majesty!

The warmer months are the perfect time to take a cruise around Northern Europe. You’ll be able to experience destinations like the UK, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Poland, during a more temperate climate. The lush rolling hills of Ireland and the UK will be in full splendor and provide a beautiful backdrop to your adventure! Though you can certainly visit these destinations during colder times, summer is ideal. Another excellent summer destination for a trip with your favorite cruise line is Iceland. Defined by its dramatic landscape featuring volcanoes, hot springs, and lava fields, Iceland is a popular destination all year-round though the summer is a special experience. The days are longer, so you can pack more into them! Iceland’s wildlife is a wonderful feature of the warmer months including the beautiful puffin that can be seen near the coast through August.

Did you know you can take a trip around Hawaii with your favorite cruise franchise? The fall is a great time to experience the islands of Hawaii. There are various ports of call to depart from, but perhaps the most convenient is Los Angeles. If you have the time, spend a full two weeks on the open seas jetting around the incredible islands of Hawaii. You’ll spend time on the ship as well as time hiking volcanoes, enjoying the unmatched beauty of the beaches, and even taking lei-making lessons! Along the same line, consider exploring the South Pacific during an autumn cruise. Sail around Australia or New Zealand during temperate months making friends with koalas and sunning yourself on a beach or on deck!
No matter where the trip with your favorite cruise franchise takes you, enjoy it! Be sure to explore each location has to offer but also take time to rest and relax. Bon voyage!

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