Air Force Veteran Takes “Aim High” Motto To Home-Based Travel Franchise

Air Force Veteran HJ Sauer believes the discipline learned in the military is an important skill to carry over in owning a home-based travel franchise.

Name: Herbert (HJ) Sauer

Year Joined Franchise: 2012

Years in Military:  6

Branch of Military: USAF

Rank:  SSGT

What do you like best about owning a Dream Vacations travel agency franchise?  I love being in the travel business.  It’s so exciting and rewarding on a personal level for me.  I can choose my hours (even when they sometimes run into the night) and get rewarded solely based on how hard I work and not by a corporate accountant.

Advice for somebody purchasing a franchise:  Be sure that you have a passion for it.  I had a job that paid well for 36 years and really just lived for the weekends.  I now enjoy EVERY day!

What is the best part about the support you get from Dream Vacations? I looked at other home-based travel franchises but I think I was just lucky to pick this one.  You can’t grasp the help and support they give you by a prospectus.  This is a veteran friendly franchise and everyone I have dealt with at the company truly gives me the feeling they are very motivated to ensure YOU are successful.

How do your military skills translate into franchise ownership? You need personal discipline since you are not on the clock.  You work for yourself so every decision you make and every marketing idea you put into action has consequences that are good or bad…but you own them.  The wonderful news is that with the support I get, I rarely make those mistakes if I take the time to seek help, from not just corporate, but my many brothers and sisters in my franchise network.  Everyone helps everybody.  I try to help as much as I can to give back to the many who have helped me.

What do you wish you knew before you started? I initially thought I could continue to work at my present job and drive my new travel business at the same time. I found out after 2 1/2 years that doing this part-time would only provide me with a small income and more or less a hobby instead of a vocation.  I decided to walk the wire and quit my former job and dedicated myself full-time to my travel business.  I doubled my sales that year and have had growth every year after.

What’s Your Dream Vacation:  Wow!  Since I’ve been involved in travel and had more opportunities to dip into my bucket list, it has actually grown instead of receded.  Overall, I like to explore places that have a historical flavor to them.  To stand on the spot where Joan of Arc was burned with the remaining stone wall still in place is much more impactful than reading about it in a history book.


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